Abidi Pharmaceutical Company Quality Campaign

In line with previous campaigns and given 70 years of experience in producing quality medications, Abidi Pharmaceutical Company has intended to intertwine the concept of “Quality” with its corporate name.
Our Solution:
According to the client brief, and due to lack of attention to the concept of quality by the people in society, we have decided to draw more attention to simple quality moments of life instead of less-experienced representations of quality. We have made attempts to entwine the concept of “quality” to the quality of life so that this precious concept becomes etched in customers’ minds. Having this end in mind, a campaign has been designed in three phases. The first phase, which is the campaign’s manifesto, was launched with the slogan “Let’s Live a Quality Life”. Then, concepts of quality, which could exist in simple moments of life, have been promoted in video footage and were boosted on social networks. Next, cutouts of quality moments of life have been posted on social networks and out of home media. The audience has been then asked to share their simple life moments with us. In the third phase, the campaign has reached its finale with the slogan “Stay with Quality”.