Abidi Pharmaceutical Company


Digital Campaign of 18 common myths about diabetes

Abidi Pharmaceutical Company has taken different measures to educate the public and inform them about health. Along the same line, given that there have been 18 common myths about diabetes, the company has run a digital campaign to get rid of them. The campaign coincides with the international day of diabetes, November 14.
Our Solution:
Diabetes is one of the widespread and non-contagious diseases. According to statistics of International Diabetes Federation (IDF), two individuals develop diabetes every 10 seconds worldwide. Eshareh creative team has come up with the idea to explain these18 common myths about diabetes in infographics, which made use of attractive characters and designs to better relate to customers. Therefore, an infographic design was put on Abidi diabetes website. In addition, 18 motion videos have been made and posted on Instagram and Telegram. The result indicates that one week into the campaign, there have been over 800,000 views on famous websites, and over 13,000 views on Abidi diabetes website.