Abidi Pharmaceutical Company


Promotion Event of New Products of Gloripa and Synoripa

Abidi Pharmaceutical Company has decided to hold an event for domestic and foreign specialists about its new diabetes products.
Our Solution:
Abidi Pharmaceutical Company held an event in the Royal Hall of Espinas Palace Hotel to promote its new products with 800 guests in attendance. Some salient features of the new products are controlling diabetes and sugar level, reducing weight in diabetes patients, preventing the development of kidney failure, and above all, reducing the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. Taking these factors into account, the main focus in designing the event environment was drawing attention to the features of the products in an absorbing and inspiring way. To further pique the interest of the participants, the invitation cards have been illustrated with creative designs denoting features of the products, which are not noticeable until the cards are fully opened. To that end, two video footages have been created. The first one demonstrates a typical day in the life of a father who is unable to have fun with his child due to heart condition and obesity. The second part of the first video shows how choosing a healthy lifestyle can enhance living quality. In second video, with using special and creative techniques, we see an individual in a few stalls. In each stall, the person faces a problem related to diabetes. He leaves the problems behind one by one and reaches the last stall where he sees Gloripa and Synoripa.