Velzomib Package

Cobel Darou as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies decided to have the package of one of the Oncology drugs called “Velzomib” redesigned.The target group specified for this particular drug had been announced as doctors and Oncologists “The design brief of Velzomib package focuses on cancer patients and it aims to reflect high effectiveness of the product in curing cancer so that it turns into oncologists’ prescription top priority. It particularly targets oncologists.
Our Solution:
Cancer is a disease which involves abnormal cell growth and this abnormality and disorder have been considered in design of the product package. The effect of the product consumption in destroying the cellular disorder and abnormality has been depicted in the design. The simplicity of the package as well as the use of specific colors, highly contributed to an eye-catching design making the product stand out among other similar products in drugstores.” Designing of this package proudly was the winner from the jury’s point of view in the Basteha Website in 2014.