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Launch and promotion campaign of Schon Herbal Hydrating Cream

Schon has decided to introduce to its audience a new product from its moisturizing creams named Herbal Hydrating Cream. The products are all from herbal and natural origin, so it was imperative to design a campaign highlighting the herbal nature.
Our Solution:
According to the brief, the ideation in environmental advertising and TV commercial has been centered on the products’ natural origin targeting women as the main audience. The TV commercial with the slogan “Touching Nature Again” shows a woman who is designing a fabric with Iranian pattern of flora and fauna in a place infused with the feeling of nature. With the Schon herbal cream, the hand of the designer is as soft and fresh as a flower, so much so that it charms the bird in the pattern to come and perch on it. Along the TV commercial, the designed artwork for the environmental advertising is also inspired by nature to complement the idea of the campaign.