Pharma Game Event

Bioderma has an application called “Pharma Game”, which has been launched worldwide. The client would like it to be promoted in Iran as well. The audience of the app is those who could be influential in the sales of Bioderma. The game is aimed at involving the audience and putting the Bioderma brand at the top of their minds. The end of year grand prize for the winners is a trip to France and one-week stay in the Alps.
Our Solution:
According to the brief, given that the app had already been launched worldwide, a memorable event had to be designed to attract the audience to participate in the game and recommend it to others. For branding purposes, we decided to draw upon former winners’ accounts of their trips to France. This was meant to attract more people to play the game by generating passion and motivation. The event was launched in cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad and Tabriz.