Fouman Chimie


The TV commercial for Fouman Chimie’s oil break

Fouman Chimie is a market leader in the category of oil break products. But in this situation, the competitors usually try to copy Fouman Chimie’s products and send them in the market. In this situation, some similar products in packages with Fouman Chimie but lower in quality has sent to the market. In this regard, Fouman Chimie has decided to launch a campaign and remind its viewers to notice the name and label of Fouman Chimie.
Our Solution:
As it has mentioned in the brief, there are many competitors which copy the color and form of packages in Fouman Chimie’s products and sell them. Eshareh Strategy Team has decided to compare similar products with the original products of Fouman Chimie in a comparable environment, and send this massage to viewers that “every yellow and blue is not Fouman Chimie’s break oil”.