Fouman Chimie


Caspian Glue’s TVC

Daqiq Chimie Company is one of the subsidiary companies of Fouman Chimie. This company which has been operating in the field of adhesives decided to run a TV campaign in 2020. For its first ever appearance on TV,Daqiq Chimie intended to introduce itself as a high-quality and technical brand.
Our Solution:
Based on our knowledge of the Caspian glue audience and we created a workshop environment but set in humorous in which with the use of exaggeration, designed a humorous and funny context, to not only reinforce a direct relationship with the audience, but to establish the message in the mind of the consumer with the help of creativity and humor. The attention paid to the details by the creative and production teams led to an attractive,unique and fantastical video which helped multiply the effectiveness of the core idea.