Fouman Chimie


A TV commercial for Caspian anti-freeze

Fouman Chimie’s company made a decision to hold a campaign for its anti-freeze product in 98.
Our Solution:
As Fouman Chimie’s company is considered to launch its new strategy in 99, Eshareh Communication Strategy Team decided to develop this campaign as a bridge between communication activities of which have been carried out for this product during these years and the future strategy of this company. For this purpose, it was decided to express the cause and the reason of this motto “Caspian anti-freeze does not freeze”. Accordingly, Caspian anti-freeze product was compared with a competitive product in a laboratory. In this lab, we used the products in different cars and test them in different temperatures. Finally, we see that Caspian anti-freeze product doesn’t freeze till minus 35 degree, but others freeze even in far higher temperatures.