Henkel’s Social Responsibility

Henkel runs promotion campaign called “It is a good time to appreciate “every year before Norouz in order to appreciate customers’ loyalty to the brands. This year decided to appreciate its customers in a deeper level and engage them emotionally.
Our Solution:
The brief, and cultural and social characteristics of Iran community made us conclude that the concept of appreciation has been faded, and developing a campaign focused on this concept would reinforce the sense of kindness and gratefulness and invite the target audience to appreciate what they have. In digital space, three emotional videos were made, focusing on the concept of appreciating these specific groups of people: - Unknown football trainers who help deprived passionate and talented children to achieve their full potentials - Teachers of deaf children who are patiently teaching - Mothers whose voices are life-soothing. Well-known artists such as Mehrab Ghasemkhani, Rambod Javan and Amir Mehdi Juleh and social influencers invited their followers, in their posts and stories, to collaborate in this campaign, appreciating their loved ones and precious moments in their life and share them with Hashtagوقت_خوب_قدردانی # on Instagram and other virtual networks, during the launch of this Campaign. On Instagram page of the campaign, specific jobs that are taken for granted, pleasant routines, friends and family, nature and traditions were also appreciated in social networks.