Kaleh | Jeeto


Jeeto Campaign

Jeeto is a manufacturer of popsicles in Iran, which operates under the name of well-known Kalleh dairy company. Jeeto was supposed to launch two different popsicles in the market; orange-mulberry and lime-sour cherry flavor. To do this, Jeeto ordered a launch campaign.
Our Solution:
The main objective of this campaign was to build a reputable brand image and increase the sales of these two products. Based on the initial brief this campaign was expected to illustrate Jeeto as a juvenile brand that belongs to very young generation (age between 13 to18). To make a bond with this target audience, we proposed the concept of Graffiti as the main theme of the campaign. A slogan was chosen for this campaign. This slogan could be interpreted in to different ways; to offer the audience to taste these products and also be applicable to the young people’s traits. To provide an integrated campaign, a 360 degree campaign wasplanned. Therefore different combinations of available media opted for the execution of this campaign. The concept of the TVC was also based on the main idea of graffiti and young people. For the first time in IRAN, two Graffiti billboards were executed live. In parallel with the main campaign, an online campaign was planned and executed to enhance the efficacy. Within this, digital campaign an online contest was designed, thus people could draw their own digital graffiti on virtual walls. The best designs were elected by a group of experts.