Kourosh Food industry


Production of Oila oil TV teasers

After a two-year communication absence, Oila determined to portray the brand key message of originality and authority differently in the market. The brand intended to reinforce its image as the leader of the industry in the consumers’ mind.
Our Solution:
Considering the brand’s focus on its leadership as an innovative pioneer in the market throughout its advertising, it was suggested that it’s time the brand addresses the value and significance of “Being the First”. The pioneering which comes from the originality of the brand which also denotes the value the brand creates through its efforts for products improvements. For this purpose, three developed TV commercials were broadcast with two slogans of "Oila thinks about you first" and "Being the first is a mindset". The slogans were developed according to the message of the ad in such a way to establish the brand’s concern on the quality and pioneering in consumers’ mind.