Maskan Bank


Maskan Bank promotional Campaign

Introduce Privileged Investment Deposit account of Maskan Bank
Our Solution:
In order to introduce its Privileged Investment Deposit account and encourage customers to open this type of bank account, Maskan Bank is now aiming to launch a communication campaign.
This bank account has a number of exclusive properties including possibility to enjoy outstanding securities in order to receive housing loans for purchase, construction and repair, receiving interest equal to that of short-term investments deposits, The possibilities of granting house loans outstanding securities to people in need and also granting housing loans, to employees by organization.
With respect to the listed advantages, after a couple of creative sessions, the high interest rate of this bank account has been considered to be the core idea of the company. A creative solution focusing on the high interest rate of this bank account required an idea to easily draw attention of the target audience to this valuable feature. Thus, the final idea formed based on the main feature of this account, i.e. high interest rate and to differentiate it with any other deposit account, in an appealing way, the slogan “interest to the power of Maskan” was created.
Using a combination of the bank logo with the letter “دال” in the word “سود” enabled the idea to be visualized creatively. Finally, the idea was perfectly reflected in all the materials of the campaign including TV ad caption, OOH in Tehran, Lorestan, Hamedan ….
Moreover, a familiar atmosphere for the audience was created to convey the campaign message through radio ad. A reporter starts conversation with people by asking a single question: “Do you have any idea what {interest to the power of Maskan” means?} In this way we tried to engage the audience with the question on one hand and to make them more familiar with the slogan of the company on the other hand.