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Nestle Gift | Persian New Year Gift

Nestlé Iran has created 15 years of widespread networks and relations in Iran. As the New Persian year comes every year, Nestlé Iran gives away presents to an entourage of colleagues, authorities and friends and always strive to reflect its core values as an International corporate tied with Iranian cultural roots and heritage through this present.
Our Solution:
Nestlé Iran has always tried to protect the environment as one of its core social responsibilities and on top of all activities. On the other hand, “The nest and the bird” are the main elements of the brand mark from early years of Nestle establishment. And Nestle itself means “a small nest”. Iranian New Year being accompanied by the leave of winter and arrival of spring, gave us the opportunity to build 1000 small bird nests and present it to all Nestlé Iran friends and colleagues to accommodate more than 1000 birds which migrated to the city.