Nestle Iran


“Nestle for healthier children” awareness campaign

Aligned with the Nestle fundamental purpose as “improving life and contributing to a healthier future” Nestle Iran determined to run the global program “Nestle for healthier Kids” through a digital campaign with the aim of improving kids’ health and nutrition with the help of their parents. The main challenge was to entertain kids and educate the parents in online and social platforms.
Our Solution:
We created a land in the form of animation techniques and called it “a Land of Health”, with characters who were representative for each of the food groups as a hero in this land. We tried to introduce each of these heroes to children and their parents in the form of an interesting narrative. For this, we managed to create different animated characters which represent different nutrition categories each in an animated land which was called “The Health Land”. We tried to introduce and establish each character through fascinating stories.