Social responsibility - Good time of appreciation 2022

In order to appreciate consumers' trust for their products and in order to promote a culture of appreciation in the community, "Pril" and "Persil" brands run a "good time of appreciation" social responsibility campaign every year. The campaign focuses on reinforcing values such as kindness and appreciation, positive thinking in the community from different angles, some of which are far from the public eye.
Our Solution:
Eshareh agency ran the #Good_Time_Of_Appreciation campaign for Pril and Persil brands. The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility campaign was generated in 2017 in Eshareh, which runs in parallel to some sales promotional campaigns in the last few months of Iranian calendar which leads to Norooz, aiming to promote the culture of appreciation in the society. However, in 2022, the campaign was launched with a different idea, named “practicing appreciation” and inviting the audience to be thankful & appreciate each other in simple ways, to promote the culture of gratitude. In line with this idea and to maintain the integrity, the main video of the campaign was produced using the Flash-Mob technique and in direct connection with the point of sale and smart method of product placement. Making an interacting with people who bought Pril or Persil products to be present in the video, play a game of practicing appreciation and in return those who accept to play where surprised by the popular actor “Ashkan Khatibi” and a gift from the brands . The video went viral in the social media shortly after release.