Peril – Persil


Social Responsibility – Good Time to Appreciate 1399

Peril and Persil brands implement the annual social responsibility campaign of “Good Time to Appreciate” in appreciation of the customers’ trust, and in a bid to promote this culture in society. This campaign looks at the concept of appreciation from different perspectives trying to boost feelings of kindness, appreciation, positive thinking, and optimism in society – feelings that have been disregarded by the public.
Our Solution:
In the fourth year since the start of “Good Time to Appreciate” campaign, Peril and Persil represent two appreciative brands that, like previous years, honor those who deserve appreciation. This is a persistent framework based on which a concept is designed yearly. Given the spread of the Coronavirus in the year 1399, by their nature or humanitarian choice, some professions have played crucial roles in society by sustaining livelihood during this difficult time. One of the most important professions has been the healthcare system. During the year, Peril and Persil deemed it incumbant upon themselves to appreciate the hard work of healthcare system via different means. For this reason, the 1399 campaign of “Good Time to Appreciate” has decided to go to less-noticed but very active professions during Coronavirus days. The Eshareh advertising agency has produced a video clip and a number of creative posts to appreciate the work of those who sustained life and hope. By publishing these contents on the virtual space, Eshareh could guarantee the success of “Good Time to Appreciate” campaign and achieve all the predetermined goals.