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Launch and promotion campaign of Sugar-free Multi Sanostol

Sanostol planned to introduce their new product “sugar-free multi vitamin syrup” to its audience in the Iranian market for the first time. This product is targeting 3 group of audience which include people with a healthy lifestyle, diabetic adults, and diabetic children. Therefore, it was necessary to introduce the product and its properties in such a way that the correct communication message was conveyed to each group.
Our Solution:
Based on the brief, the most important reason for the audience to choose sugar-free multi Sanostol is their desire to get the nutrients and vitamins quickly and easily. While these people like the sweet taste, consuming sugar-free products is a priority for them due to their health condition or chosen lifestyle. So we tried to tie this product with the concept of Sweetness (and use a language twist in Persian that links it to Cookie too). Hence, the consumption of sweets without any concern was considered as the main concept. This concept formed a structure around the slogan of “Life becomes sweeter” to deliver Sanostol's proposed lifestyle to the audience in three different messages. With this concept, we smoothed the path to product positioning, leaving a strong digital footprint and engage the audience through interesting content.