Samsung Co.


The launch of Samsung new galaxy event

The Samsung Iran mobile intended to unpack the two new flagship S9 I S9+.
Our Solution:
Presenting and launching the latest Samsung products took place at a special. The top features of this series consisted of recording super slow-motion videos, dual camera and camera stabilization and night vision.
Regarding to above features and the direction of the attractive and inspiring launch, the main focus was devoted to design the event space to the camera features, in order to attract the audience a special invitation card similar to a classical camera designed and sent to invitees of the ceremony. Also, in order to measure the quality of the camera, Ms. Moayeri, a prominent photographer (The winner of the Iranian photographer's press release in the single photo section Jan2017), shared her experience about photography with this product.
To demonstrate the high power of recording super slow motion videos and camera stabilization, another video was also shot including stunts of Mr.Arsha Aghdasi. For participants to have a more tangible understanding of the features of the flagship, different games were designed in a dedicated place with a focus on product features in experience zone.
Moreover, Violet is the color of the new Samsung flagship, which used as the main theme of the ceremony.