The launch of Samsung new Galaxy event

A month after two new Samsung flagships, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge were unveiled in Spain (March 2015), It was time for Iran to take the turn. The unveiling event hosted people who associated with this industry, the ones registered in advance to buy the products, and the cell phone vendors. The new models were launched with the motto “Rethink what a phone can do” denoting the functionality of the phones much more than before and Samsung’s focus and emphasis on it.
Our Solution:
Based on the characteristics of these two products and the client brief, "interaction" was chosen as the main theme and idea for the event, so we tried to engage this element in all the details of the event. To achieve this purpose, the Milad Tower in Tehran was selected as the venue. On this basis, three huge cubes were designed and made to be located at the Milad Tower entrance area for the guests to walk through in order to enter the Tower conference hall. The idea of designing the cubes not only implied the “interaction” element but also referred implicitly to the dark cube used by Samsung in launch video of the new products previously. The inner part of the cubes represented images demonstrating the evolution and development of Samsung mobile phones. Before the ceremony a mobile application was shared with the guests giving them the opportunity to take part in the Samsung big contest held at the event. In this application which was developed based mainly Augmented Reality, the image of a Galaxy could be scanned by Guest's cell phones allowing them to see the rotation of planets of a galaxy all marked with numbers; these numbered stars and planets were the key to participation in the contest and taking the chance to win. Even the performance of the hosts was influenced by the idea of interaction so that each of the respective Samsung managers presented capabilities and features of the phones while accompanied by a technician giving interesting and technical details in that particular area. The music part was also performed based on interaction between human and technology, Bomrani music band played a couple of songs solely using Samsung phones and tablets as musical instruments. Pallet music band also featured in the event and closed the music section with a great performance. An area of 420 square metres was also dedicated to experience and game zones providing the guests with the great opportunity of direct interaction and experience of using the phone which resulted in a joyful and exciting moment for guests to not only enjoy amusing games and entertainments but also get to know the features and capabilities of the phone closely. One of these great experiences was assigning an area to Gear VR which took the guests to a totally different virtual world. In the game zone, all the games were designed and developed to meet both objectives: providing joyful moments for guests and to further focus on “interaction” element.