Sanostol Digital Campaign

Rougine Pharmed, the owner of Sanostol Brand in Iran was planning to execute a digital advertising campaign to remind the brand to old customers together with introduction of the products to potential new customers. Using one of the main benefits of Sanostol products: “Boosting the immune system” in human body was chosen as the main focal point of the campaign, since it is a big concern for everybody during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our Solution:
Sanostol, a 66 years old brand, is known as a reputable and nostalgic brand in the mind of 4 generation of Iranians. The memories of the old users which are now the parents of children, led us to use of the nostalgic elements which will remind the sweet and bitter days of life in which Sanostol was used to give us the hope for bright and healthy days ahead. Use of this solution can show the audience that a product with a long heritage can be used in the modern lifestyle. From the past till today, in the digital campaign contents we had a nostalgic trip in time to bold out the story of a “Sweet Taste of Childhood” for multiple generations. Beside this emotional approach, we had the functionality of products to be highlighted, Improving body immune system as a practical concept in a world affected by Corona virus. The Sansotol Brand digital advertising campaign was planned and executed through the above solutions in the second quarter of 2020, which had a huge impact on the clients success.