Tabiat Zendeh Herbal Medicines Laboratories


Promotion Campaign for the New Generation of Cinere Sunscreen Cream

Tabiat Zendeh Herbal Medicines Laboratories faced numerous challenges for presenting the new generation of its sunscreen cream. These include a false mentality that connected the use of sunscreen cream only to women, and a wrong attitude towards situations to use this product. Therefore, the company has deemed it necessary to conduct a campaign to let customers know the benefits of sunscreen cream and encourage them to use it more.
Our Solution:
According to the client brief, a campaign was designed to present the product to customers. The motto of the campaign, “What does the Sun Do to Your Skin”, tapped into the element of fear to pique customers’ curiosity in order to remind them of the benefits of using sunscreen cream. In addition, a male actor was featured along a female one to highlight the gender-neutral nature of the product.