Presenting Telavang’s New Product called Telawich

Telavang Company is well-known as the first producer of packed eggs in the market. Now, after years, it is aiming at presenting its new product called Telawich in a bid to give Telavang new currency among people.
Our Solution:
The holy month of Ramadan is almost upon us. Therefore, according to the client brief, and given the special properties of Telawich Protein Sandwich as being healthy and easily available in packages in supermarkets, we have designed a special Ramadan campaign focusing on the Telavang logo. This creative solution is premised on clients’ behavior – using products under different circumstances by those who care about their health. The health factor, which is the special feature of this product compared to other existing cold-packed sandwiches, is the central idea in the campaign’s motto. This is “A Healthy and Delicious Replacement”.