MTN Irancell


Irancell Photography Style Guide

One of the key goals in branding is to create a consistent image of the brand. Visual and verbal look and feel - the external side of brand strategy- are the main players in creating this image. Irancell telecom wanted to create consistency for its brand through a "photography style guide" which could demonstrate Irancell values and distinct charactaristics.
Our Solution:
For this project, Eshareh brand solution focused on creating a link between correct photography techniques and Irancell's main values of optimistic, aspirational, natural and engaging. The team re-defined photography style by creating a more relevant, positive, natural and bright imagery for Irancell. The photographs pictures everyday lifestyle of brand's broad target groups and through right lighting and photo treatment stays relevant to Irancell's "brighter lives" vision. The photographt style has been defined in such way that is easy to execute in different scenarios, from landscape images to different target group segmentation.