Refah Chain Stores


Refah Chain Stores Rebranding

At 1393, Refah chain stores as the largest retail store in Iran, comes to Eshareh brand solutions for developing a fresh and integrate brand identity. The main goal of this project was to promote, update and clarify its brand position in the audience’s mind and align the brand position with its core values.
Our Solution:
We held deep interviews with Refah board of directors, and benchmarked the most successful internal and external practices in retailing industry. Refah has the most number of branches in comparison to its competitors and based on this competitive advantage it can serve the average and lower than average income classes properly. So the concept of “ease of accessibility” has been chosen for brand essence. All of the brand main elements, including the logo, tagline, visual identity and all of the instore communication materials has been designed based on this concept and should communicate the easiness of access to the audience.